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Application Notes
14. ESI U24XL Test Report using Multi-Instrument
13. Three-way USB Scope Shootout, Silicon Chip, Feb., 2015
12. Polarity Check for Speakers Microphones and Amplifiers using Multi-Instrument
11. E-MU Tracker Pre Test Report using Multi-Instrument
10. E-MU 0204 Test Report using Multi-Instrument
9. M-Audio MobilePre Test Report using Multi-Instrument
8. VT XLR-to-USB Pre Test Report using Multi-Instrument
7. FFT Basics and Case Study using Multi-Instrument
6. Evaluation of Various Window Functions using Multi-Instrument
5. Basic Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyzer, Multimeter and Signal Generator Functional Tests using Multi-Instrument and Pocket Multi-Instrument with Sound Cards
4. Sherlock-in-the-XP-Age, By Malcolm C. Mallette, WA9BVS, published in CQ VHF winter 2006 issue
3. PC based Virtual Instrument Software - Multi-Instrument 3.2, Silicon Chip, September, 2012.
2. Sound Card Based Multi-function Test and Measurement System, Radio China, April, May , June, 2009.
1. USB Microphone Inadequate Shielding Functional Test, Logitech,  Dec., 2007.

Application Videos
15. How to Measure Mains / Line Voltage and Harmonic Distortion using a USB Oscilloscope?
14. How to make floating or isolated measurements and break the ground loop with a USB oscilloscope? 
13. Polarity Check for Speakers, Microphones and Amplifiers.
12. Measure Speed of Sound in Air Using Cross Correlation with white noise or MLS.
11. How to Measure a Time Delay Using Cross Correlation?
10.How to Measure the Speed of Sound in Air with a PC Sound Card and Two Microphones.
9.  How to Measure the Speed and Wavelength of Sound in Air with a PC Sound Card and One Microphone.
8.  How to Measure Phase Shift Between Two Sine Waves Accurately.
7.  Lissajous Pattern Fact and Fun.
6.  Lissajous Pattern on a Sound Card Oscilloscope & Signal Generator without any Physical Connection.
5.  Sound Card Loopback Modes and Their Respective Applications.
4.  How to re-calibrate a PC USB oscilloscopes?
3.  A Brief Introduction of Second Generation USB Oscilloscopes Spectrum Analyzers Signal Generators,
2.  A Brief Introduction of Multi-Instrument - PC Based All-in-One Test and Measurement Solutions,
1.  Identificador de Portadoras (in Portugueses),

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