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A displayed waveform should always use the max and min of all sample used in one pixel-column.
In the current MI-Version 3.2 a bad interference is shown.

Misbehaviour is best seen with a sine of const ampl. & freq.:
The wave is going up and down in shown graph even though everything is constant.
This way small peaks are sometimes only visible in max zoom

Well, a picture can tell more than 1000 words, but there is no possibility to do an upload
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In MI, there are two display modes for a graph:

(1) Display all data points

(2) Display one data point per vertical raster line.

Method 1 is thorough but slow while Method 2 is fast but not thorough. Please refer to Section of the software manual for details. The issue you mentioned is due to the latter mode and can be solved using the former mode, or zooming in sufficiently.

"use the max and min of all sample used in one pixel-column" is a good method to correctly depict the envelop of the waveform, but it requires more computing work than the above Method (2), and thus slow especially when the number of data points in one frame is big. If the slow screen refresh rate is not a problem, then Method 1 can be chosen to avoid the disadvantage of Method 2.

By the way, pictures can be uploaded in this forum.

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..... well .... another point for you ...

.... but ... even though i read the FAQ:
How to upload attachment?
When publish new post upload attachment, step: After write your post's tittle and messenge then click the bottm of your right hand preview button, then browse a file and upload the attachment, click submit to finish.
I can't work it out (MS-IExplorer 8).
I do not see any possibility to upload anything (well, ok, i can insert a link to a picture - but no upload).
But never mind: You understood already my thoughts.

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upload image (gif)

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Re: Osci-Display

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I need to select the two active device-channels (out of 8) via ActiveX / MI-Automation Server Interface

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Re: Osci-Display

Postby VirtinsTech » Sat Mar 28, 2015 7:16 pm

You can configure the two channels via [Setting]>[ADC Device]>"Analog Channel Configuration">"Device Channel"
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