Device Test Plan Log

Device Test Plan Log

Postby Testman » Wed Oct 02, 2013 11:11 pm

Device Test Plan Log

1. Can Device Test Plan add two instructions?
a Clear Device Test Plan Log.
b. Export Device Test Plan Log, and exported file name will auto +1.

2. Would you release Multi-Instrument source code if we buy it?

Best regards,
Arlen Chen.
Post at 5-3-2010 17:04

Thank you for your interest in our products.

1. Thanks for the suggestions. We will consider incorporating the funcitons in our next build or next version.

2. No. If you have something that cannot be done by the current version, you may consider using the MI as an ActiveX Automation Server and developing you own ActiveX automation client to do it. Everything that can be done by the Device Test Plan can be done via ActiveX Automation Client, and the Automation Client is much more flexible. When you download the software from: and then install it onto your computer, the sample ActiveX Automation Client programs (in both VC++ and VB) and the ActiveX Automation Interface document are included in the software directory: \AutomationAPIs.

Post at 7-3-2010 11:32

Thanks your reply.
I will study that function.

Best regards,
Arlen Chen.
Post at 8-3-2010 09:12
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