Multimeter is FAR too simple

Multimeter is FAR too simple

Postby Testman » Wed Oct 02, 2013 11:00 pm

Multimeter is FAR too simple

The Multimeter function could do so much more . It should have a choice of display modes ; Bargraph , Analogue Scale , and Text . These should be resizable and should allow a choice of meter ballistics and reference level . It should be able to display a combination of measurements ; Level , THD , and Peak Frequency , for example . It could have a set of buttons freely assignable to different ref levels , ballistics , or measurements .
Currently the spectrum analyser measurements are very difficult to read because they are so small and jump around as the display is updated . It's almost unusable . If they could be displayed in large text in the Multimeter display that would be perfect , because then they could be seen from a distance and it would not be necessary to see the Spectrum or Oscilloscope displays to read their parameters .
The Signal Generator output MUST be settable in dB . This is a simple mathematical conversion , there is no reason why this should not be very simple . It's astonishing that so many functions can be read or set in dB , but the Signal Generator cannot , this is very silly indeed . I've worked in pro audio for twenty years and I've never once set a Sig Gen in peak volts .
Please let me know when the next revision of the software is scheduled for release . I MUST have a proper Sig Gen as soon as possible .

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