DDP: Sys-Time of Trigger

DDP: Sys-Time of Trigger

Postby Testman » Thu Oct 03, 2013 8:50 am

DDP: Sys-Time of Trigger


is it possible, to show the Win-Sys-Time of a trigger?
If not, this will be a little wish for the next release!
Post at 17-12-2010 17:33

It already exists. As described in Section 2.9 of the software manual,
The time stamp displayed at the lower left corner of the Oscilloscope view represents the time (with accuracy in minisecond) of the first data point (i.e. leftmost data point) of the current frame of data. For most of cases, the two channels of data are sampled at the same time and thus only one time stamp is displayed. However, there are cases whereby Channel A is used for live input and Channel B is fed by the Signal Generator directly at software level (refer to the manual of the Signal Generator). In these cases, the time stamp for Channel A will be displayed and on its right hand side, the time difference between Channel A and Channel B will also be displayed, with accuracy of one sampling interval between the raw data. A negative value of the time difference means that the data of Channel B arrives earlier than that of Channel A.

Therefore, if the trigger delay is 0%, then the time stamp also represents the trigger time. If the trigger delay is x%, then the trigger time can be calculated as: [time stamp] - [oscilloscope sweep time] * [x%]

Post at 19-12-2010 09:24

Oh... ok... (rtfm) thanks ...
Post at 20-12-2010 15:48
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