New message-box: No sound-card installed

New message-box: No sound-card installed

Postby Testman » Thu Oct 03, 2013 11:29 am

New message-box: No sound-card installed

Since a few days a new Message-Box comes before MI Pro 3.2 starts:

No sound card or sound card driver installed!

After clicking 'OK' everything works fine...?!?!
Do you have any tips?

Post at 26-10-2011 14:16

The message shows that MI cannot find the sound card driver at startup. Probably Windows has not yet made the sound card driver ready for MI at that moment. (For example, MI starts before Windows completes its start-up process)

If you stop the oscilloscope and then go to [Setting]>[ADC Device], with the "Sound Card MME" selected in the "Device Model" field, you should see some sound card options available in the "Device No." field. Otherwise, MI will prompt this error message when you start the oscilloscope.

Post at 28-10-2011 01:02

After a few days without changing anything in MI.... now it works fine again
Probably a MS problem ...

Post at 8-11-2011 19:15

This message may be a bit misleading for Windows Visa or above, it may actually mean that no audio input device is available, just plug a mic into the microphone jack or an audio line out device into the line-in jack should solve the problem.

Post at 19-3-2013 19:01
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