The version of 'MI' 3.2 does not work (W7, 32-bit)

The version of 'MI' 3.2 does not work (W7, 32-bit)

Postby Testman » Thu Oct 03, 2013 11:08 am

The version of 'MI' 3.2 does not work (W7, 32-bit)

Hello, The version of 'MI' 3.2 does not work (W7, 32-bit), running 'MI' does nothing. Version 3.1 works Correctly.

I tested version 3.2 as administrator and also emulating compatibility mode Windows Vista and XP and does nothing.

Anyone know anything about it. ?

Post at 17-12-2012 10:25

1. If you encounter this problem, right click the MI icon and select "run as admin". or try to run it in XP compatible mode.

2. Make sure that the files MI.exe, MIs.exe and MIu.exe exist in the software root directory and they are not falsely quarantined by the anti-virus software. The software is copy-protected and reverse-engineering-protected, anti-virus software usually identifies the protected software as "Armored", but some of them can generate false alarms.

Post at 28-12-2012 20:22

Thank you, indeed had a crash problem with AntiMalware., now works OK. regards

Post at 29-12-2012 10:14
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