MI will not run

MI will not run

Postby Testman » Thu Oct 03, 2013 1:53 pm

MI will not run

I have two copies of MI on two different computers at the company I work for. Suddenly, both copies stopped working. Automation control from Visual Basic does not work. Double-clicking the icon does not work either. The program does not open at all. One of the computers has the trial copy (I run it by double-clicking MIs.exe) and the trial copy works. The computer that has the trial copy is using USB hard key, the other computer is using a soft key.
Why would both copies fail together when they are on separate computers? Does this sound like a registration/activation error? When you purchase two copies together, are their registrations related? I don't know what would have happened that would affect both computers simultaneously.

I would greatly appreciate any help.

Post at 9-3-2013 00:46

When I try to run MI.exe as admin it says that it cannot run because "it is disabled or has no enabled devices associated with it."

Post at 9-3-2013 05:34

Please check whether you have MI.exe, MIs.exe, MIu.exe in the Multi-Instrument folder. These files should not be falsely quarantined by your anti-virus software. Only after you can start MI successfully in your computer environment, then you can use the ActiveX automation feature.

Post at 19-3-2013 18:49
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