Spectrum 3D Plot of Wave File

Spectrum 3D Plot of Wave File

Postby Testman » Thu Oct 03, 2013 1:48 pm

Spectrum 3D Plot of Wave File

After loading in a wave file and noticing the resulting analysis in the oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer windows, if I then enable the 3D spectrum plot, it seems to plot only one sample and then stop. How does one perform a spectrum 3D plot of a entire wave file?

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If you want to generate a Spectrum 3D Plot from a wave file of a certain length (say 1 s), you need to choose a sweep time of the oscilloscope first (say 10ms, so that you can generate 100 spectral profiles in the Spectrum 3D Plot assuming 0% overlapping). Select [File]>[Open frame by frame] to load the first 10 ms data of the wave file. Open the Spectrum 3D Plot and use the "Frame Up", "Frame Down" or "Auto Frame Scroll" button in the Long Wave File Navigation Toolbar to load the rest of data frame by frame. When you load a frame of data, a spectral profile will be generated in the Spectrum 3D Plot. All spectral profiles will be generated if you use the "Auto Frame Scroll" button.

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