Power vs thd sweep tests?

Power vs thd sweep tests?

Postby Testman » Thu Oct 03, 2013 1:32 pm

Power vs thd sweep tests?

Can Virtins perform audio power amplifier THD+N vs. Power tests like Audio Precision gear? Thank you.

Post at 15-12-2010 15:06

Yes. It can be done using the Device Test Plan add-on software module in MI. An example can be found in Section 8.8.4 of the software manual.
Post at 17-12-2010 14:56

Thank you. This looks to be very powerful software. I'm going to work very hard during the trial period to test its capabilities and stability. If it works well, you have a purchase
Post at 17-12-2010 23:26

One question: what level of Virtins is needed to perform this Device Test Plan?
Post at 18-12-2010 00:39

Device Test Plan is an add-on module and needs to be purchased separately. It runs on MI Lite and above.
Post at 18-12-2010 18:41

Thank you. For use with the M-Audio Audiophile 2496 sound card which required longer delay/duration than standard in the Crosstalk dtp, will I need the Calibration Latency for Sync I/O option only available in MI Pro?

Jack Elliott
Post at 22-12-2010 06:33

It is not necessary to calibrate the latency for this test, although the latency value can help you to set the appropriate duration of the signal generator for "SIO" instruction in Device Test Plan.

Calibration of the latency should be done if you want to control the start of the oscilloscope accurately under Synchronized Oscilloscope & Signal Generator mode in the Signal Generator Panel, as described in Section 4.11.5.

Post at 23-12-2010 12:14

Thank you. So it seems likely that I can start with MI Lite + DTP module without needing the latency thing.
Jack Elliott
Post at 24-12-2010 04:19

Post at 24-12-2010 14:17

I see that SteppedSineFrequencyResponseMeasurement.dtp opens two windows to plot Derived Data Points:
Gain(dB),GainAtGeneratedFreq(dB) and Phase(D),PhaseAtGeneratedFreq(D)

Is MI Pro required to view these DDP plots as generated by the dtp?

Jack Elliott
Post at 29-12-2010 04:54

MI Pro is not required to view these DDP plots generated by the DTP.

Post at 29-12-2010 16:38
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