Frequency response measurements

Frequency response measurements

Postby Testman » Thu Oct 03, 2013 1:22 pm

Frequency response measurements

I have Multi Instrument 3.1 along with a DSO2810H and would like to make frequency response measurements of HF filters (3-15 MHZ).
I believe I need the Device Test Plan software but am not sure what hardware is required to produce the stimulus required.
The sound card as generator will not produce signals in the frequency range I require.

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You can use a separate signal generator which can generate frequency up to 15MHz to generate the test signals. Currently we do not have such signal generator hardware.

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I have been using an HP 8757 network analyzer to characterize HF filters and would like use a computer based system
instead. I think the Multi Instrument software along with the 2810F and the proper generator to stimulate the DUT would work.
I am not clear however, on how to configure the Multi Instrument software to control the external sweep generator

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There are quite a few methods to measure the frequency response of a DUT:
1. White Noise + Narrow Band Spectrum Analyzer
2. MLS + Narrow Band Spectrum Analyzer
3. Pink Noise + Octave Band Spectrum Analyzer
4. Impulse + Narrow Band Spectrum Analyzer
5. Continuous Frequency Sweep + Narrow Band Spectrum Analyzer
6. Stepped Frequency Sweep + Narrow Band Spectrum Analyzer

In MI, automated stepped frequency sweep can be generated using Device Test Plan, provided that the DAC device used is supported by MI. Unfortunately, MI does not support HP Network Analyzer, thus automation via Device Test Plan is not possible.

If your HP Network Analyzer can be automated by itself to generate stepped frequency sweep, then you can use the peak hold function in the Spectrum Analyzer in MI to do the frequency response measurement.

You may also consider using other frequency response measurement methods which do not require the synchronisation between the spectrum analyzer and the signal generator.

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