A Brief Introduction of Second Generation USB Oscilloscopes

A Brief Introduction of Second Generation USB Oscilloscopes

Postby VirtinsTech » Mon Aug 31, 2015 9:44 am

This video demonstrates, by using actual cases, the major advantages of the second-generation USB oscilloscopes from Virtins Technology. Hope you find it informative.

The second-generation VT DSOs feature Virtins Technology's unique hardware-based DSP algorithm which enhances the performance and functionality dramatically without adding extra hardware cost. When used in conjunction with Multi-Instrument software, these VT DSOs convert any desktop, laptop, or tablet PC into a powerful oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, multimeter, data logger, signal generator and so forth, all of which work simultaneously.

Compared with the first-generation VT DSOs and those USB Oscilloscopes from other manufacturers, this new generation has the following major advantages:

1) Hardware DSP Based Bit Resolution Enhancement for Oscilloscope
2) Streaming Mode in Oscilloscope
3) Oscilloscope Digital Trigger and Trigger Frequency Rejection
4) Oscilloscope Persistence Mode
5) External Trigger Input Channel as a Digital Input Channel
6) Anti-aliasing Filter for Spectrum Analyzer
7) Signal Generator DDS and Streaming Modes
8) Signal Generator DDS Interpolation
9) Simultaneous Data Acquisition and Data Output
10) Calibration and Re-Calibration
11) Upgradable Software, Firmware, and Hardware Based DSP Algorithm

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