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VT DSO-2815H
                               PC based USB 8-Bit 150MSPS 60MHz Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyzer, Signal Generator*             VT DSO-2815H, PC USB, 8-bit, 150MSPS, 60MHz, Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyzer
                                                                            US$299.95    Free Express Shipping

Download and try the fully functional Multi-Instrument software using your sound card as the ADC and DAC device!
*Signal Generator function is available via the sound card or other DAC device, rather than the VT DSO-2815H unit

1. Package Contents

1) VT DSO-2815H unit with a hardware bundled Multi-Instrument Standard software license
2) 2 × 60MHz Oscilloscope Probe PP-80 with two switchable positions: × 1, × 10
3) USB cable (1.05 m)
4) CD (contains the copy-protected Multi-Instrument Software and VT DSO-2815H driver)

2. VT DSO-2815H Hardware Specifications
Sampling Frequency (1) Single Channel, Maximum 60000 Samples*
150MHz, 50MHz, 10MHz, 5MHz, 2MHz, 1MHz, 500kHz, 200kHz, 100kHz, 50kHz, 20kHz, 10kHz
(2) Single or Dual Channels, Maximum 30000 Samples per Channel
75MHz, 25MHz, 5MHz, 2.5MHz, 1MHz, 500kHz, 250kHz, 100kHz, 50kHz, 25kHz, 10kHz, 5kHz
(3) Single or Dual Channels, Maximum 10000 Samples per Channel
50MHz, 2.5kHz
(4) Single or Dual Channels, Maximum 500 Samples per Channel, work in Roll Mode**
50Hz, 25Hz, 5Hz
Analog Bandwidth 60MHz
Number of Input Channels 2
ADC Bit Resolution 8 Bits
Input Voltage Range ± 40mV, ± 80mV, ± 200mV, ± 400mV, ± 800mV, ± 2V, ± 4V, ± 8V, ± 20V
Maximum Allowed Input Voltage ± 35V
DC Accuracy ± 3%
Coupling Type AC/DC
Input Isolation No
Terminal Type Referenced Single-Ended
Buffer Size 30000 bytes per Channel
Sweep Time 400µs~100s (with buffer fully filled)
Trigger Source CH1, CH2, EXT, ALT
Trigger Level Adjustable
EXT Trigger Level Adjustable in the range of -4V ~ 4V
Trigger Edge Rising, Falling
Trigger Mode Auto, Normal, Single
Pre-Trigger 0 ~ -100%
Input Impedance 1 MΩ , 25 pF
Output Signal for Probe Calibration 2Vpp, 1kHz, Square Wave
Streaming Supported No
Interface USB
Casing Internally shielded plastic
Device Category in Multi-Instrument VT DSO H2
Power Bus powered by USB port, no external power source required
Power Consumption Max. 2.5W
Dimensions 203 mm (L) × 99 mm (W) × 33 mm (H)
System Requirement Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or above, 32 bit or 64 bit
*Some of these frequencies are not listed in the sampling frequency selection combo box of the Multi-Instrument software. You need to stop the oscilloscope, enter the sampling frequency value directly into that combo box and then set the number of sampling channels to single, if you need to use these sampling frequencies.
**Under these sampling frequencies, adjusting the trigger mode, trigger source, trigger edge, trigger level, trigger delay will have no impact on the sampling.

3. PP-80 Oscilloscope Probe Hardware Specifications

Attenuation Ratio × 1, × 10
Bandwidth (-3dB) DC ~ 60 MHz (× 10), DC ~ 6 MHz (× 1)
Input Impedance 10 MΩ (× 10, with VT DSO-2815H connected)
1 MΩ (× 1, with VT DSO-2815H connected)
Input Capacitance 18.5 pF~22.5 pF (× 10), 85 pF~ 115 pF (× 1)
Input Capacitance Compensation Range 15 ~ 40 pF
Length 1.2 m
Accessories include: a 6" snap-on rotating ground lead, a sprung hook, two marker rings, a probe compensation adjustment tool, two probe tip caps.

4. Examples
1) Measurements of PAL Composite Video Signals
PAL Composite Video Signal Measured by VT DSO-2815H

2) Measurements of a 500Hz sine wave and a 1kHz square wave under ALT trigger mode
500Hz sine and 1kHz Square waves measured by VT DSO-2815H

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