RuneAudio Music Player + Raspberry Pi 3

RuneAudio Music Player + Raspberry Pi 3

Postby Johneames » Wed Nov 01, 2017 7:28 pm

Hello there,

I started the music server experience with Pi2B and Volumio mserver software. To this I finaly added a high performance DAC cct. brd. which allows me to play DSD64 files. But I had shocking connectivity problems to the WebUI under Volumio. I continually lost connection to the Pi server under Volumio. Often I had to power down the Pi and restart it just to get a connection.

I am now using a Pi3B with Rune Audio software and the same high performance DAC. I have a perfect connection to the Pi3B at all times. Even after closing down my smart phone or IPad and opening sometime later, with a 5 second refresh, it is all back and upto the minute. To find where the issue was I loaded Rune onto my original Pi2B setup, with WiFi dongle (on the Pi3B WiFi is onboard), and found a equally, perfectly stable, connection. It appears Volumio is not as stable as Rune. What's more Rune is so much better set out and easier to use plus has a number of more features.

The moral of the story is; don't bother with Volumio. Also you don't need a Pi3B a Pi2 has more than a enough processing power for even DSD files. But with Pi3 and 2 being the same price, why would you get a 2 over a 3?

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